Lonely Bouquet Day

On one bright, sunshiney Sunday morning I teamed up with some lady bosses in our community to spread a little love. I think people sometimes forget that a simple gesture of kindness can go a long way and participating in the Lonely Bouquet movement was just what the doctor ordered. Genesis came along as I filled up a basket of bouquets and walked around our neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine and passed out bouquets. We gave some to police officers, left them on bus stops, even outside of Holtman's donuts (I obviously splurged on a bacon caramel cake donut-can you really resist something like that?) and we peeked around the corner to see the smiles on people's faces as they surprisingly picked them up to take them home. It was such a sweet gift to hand out those smiles and I hope we continue the tradition in our city for years to come. Check out photos from our day below! Enjoy!

Florals: Eve Floral Co.

Photography: Genesis Geiger

Hand-lettered cards: Pied Paper Goods


Genesis from Pied Paper Goods made these adorable hand-letterd cards to accompany each bouquet that coordinated so well with our floral choices. 


These were placed right outside of Cincinnati's new streetcar stop. Genesis messaged me later on to tell me that she saw a girl pick it up and looked around as if someone left it there by mistake! I think gift-giving might be my love language!